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Cash Advance for LED lightings project:

IT is a very simple, no APR or interest rate.  Only return factor rate will determine and will use to calculate the payback amount.  This requires daily payment to be withdrawn from the business' bank account every business day (Monday through Friday) until the advance is paid in full. These advances are not backed by a bank and may or may not require a personal guarantee. With a standard Business Cash Advance, the total payback can be calculated by multiplying the principal funded times the factor rate.  The daily payment is achieved by dividing the product of the above by the amount of days the payment will be withdrawn.  Cash Advances are typically approved at 50-75% of the business' monthly deposits.


Credit card Cash Advance

A Credit Cash Advance, The payback on a Merchant Cash Advance is structured by scheduling to withdraw a predetermined percentage of every credit card batch run by your business until the advance is paid off.  How often you batch out determines how many times the batch is split. When you obtain a Merchant Cash Advance, you will need to use a processor who has been preapproved by the funding company.  In the event that you do not use one of their processors, we will assist you in switching to an approved processor or have a lock box set up to split your batches. Merchant Cash Advances are typically approved up to 150% of a business’ monthly gross processing.  The payment amount per batch would be determined by taking the approved split percentage from each batch.  The payback on the split percentage is typically 9-30% of the batch and determined by the business risk score during the underwriting process.


Unsecured Loan for LED lightings

Business owners with insufficient funding and less than perfect credit just don't qualify for business loans from banks anymore. Traditional lenders are approving less and less small business loan applications, and their loan underwriting guidelines are tighter than ever before. If you are the owner of a business, you need or will need in the future access to working capital to support your business or to maintain growth. 


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ABTS now intends to build upon this experience by offering high-efficiency LED lighting fixtures and lamps to small, lighting-intensive businesses with a simple business proposal. ABTS offers to provide the small business a turnkey solution for saving their lighting dollars. The value proposition to the customer is that they can start saving money on their lighting right away with no out-of-pocket costs, and with a minimum of paperwork hassle.

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