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Make money Opportunity ( Scheduler partner)

Work at your own time No selling just spreading the word for
Schedule Appointments and EARN money!

Our company is looking for a few individuals in this area who can visit local businesses and educate them on how they can save energy and money by switching to high-efficiency LED lighting. And then encourage them to sign up for a free lighting survey. Spread the message that businesses can save up to 70% on their light bills and you can earn money while doing so!

What you can earn:

Type of Business

Earning per business

Type of Business

Earning per business

Small Business (1000 to 5000 sq. feet) small stores and offices.

Up to $15 to $75

Medium business (5000 to 10,000 sq. feet) medium stores and offices.

Up to $75 to $125

Warehouses / Manufacturing plan more than 10,000 sq. feet.

Up to $100 to $300

Strip malls, parking lots, Auto dealers with parking lot

Up to $200

Any town owned buildings (Fire station, police station, town hall, library, etc.,)

Up to $400

Any government buildings, any military buildings.   

Up to $400

Gas Station

Up to $50 to $75

Motel / hotels ( 100 to 300 Rooms)

Up to $50 to $100

Hospitals, arena, and sports facilities.

Up to $400 to $800

Commercial business park

Up to $400 to $800

More lights in the business = More money for you!

BONUS! – If the business you signed up for the free lighting survey purchases LED lighting from SmartPwrNet, you get an additional reward with no extra effort!

  1. Educate business owners how LED lights can reduce up to 70% of their electric bill.
  2. There are good incentives from utility company. They can install LED lights with $0 down.
  3. Sign them up for a free lighting survey (we’ll coach you on how to do this).
  4. SmartPwrNet will schedule and conduct the lighting survey with the customer.
  5. After successful survey your reward is delivered to you in a few days later!

Are you interested?

About Us

AB Tech Solution (ABTS) is a Massachusetts corporation which was founded in 2009 by Vijay Soni. Mr. Soni originally founded the company in India as Soni Electronics in 1993. Bruce Decker, a NH-licensed Professional Engineer, joined Vijay early in 2010 as a partner.

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